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Kaje Tale

Can Ayurveda medicine cure high fever of 1040F? He will be able to do because he holds the right for 100 Ayurvedic medicines. He is none other than Dr. Giridhara kaje.

Generally, the Ayurvedic Doctor prescribes Allopathic medicine in cases of emergency to get over the crisis. But the situation reverses in the hands of Dr. Kaje. We see here patients who are not cured by Allopathic Doctors, cases where the specialists have recommended compulsory surgery. Dr. Giridhara kaje has taken such cases personally as a challenge. He has never prescribed allopathic medicine to anybody in his practice of 12 years. Such is his faith in the system!

Let us examine one instance. It may run as a story but it is a fact. The chief of a very well known steel company approached Dr. Kaje for the treatment of his wife. She was suffering from a chronic ailment and many hospitals had turned down the case. The Doctor hurried there by the special plane arranged by the client! One examination, he realized that he can take the challenge! The Dr. kaje decided not to except the usual consultation charges of Rs. 50. But the client forced him to take a sum of Rs. 21,000 as the consultation charges. Dr. kaje says “This is the respect given to Ayurveda”.

The Doctor who stresses the system’s advantages, the popular Doctor with 100 patents and manufacturing the same drugs and does not suggest any other medicine.

From Puttur

He has a long list of patients! Kidney problems cured without surgical intervention, many disorders of the womb etc. He is working honestly to popularize the remedies for challenging diseases like ‘Chicken guinea’, ‘H1N1’ etc. Dr. Kaje hails from Puttur. His grandfather’s younger brother, Kaje Thimmana Bhat is a very well known name in South Canara as a Vaidya. Dr. Giridhara kaje had his degree exam at S.D.M. College of Udupi as B.A.M.S. and completed the Post-graduation education at the Govt. Ayurveda College. He chose Bangalore city to practice his profession. “Prashanthi Ayurvedic Centre” was started in the 7th Cross of Malleshwaram. He has a centre for treatment also. He has the credit of treating more than a Lakh patient during the span of the 12 years of service! He gives appointment for around 130 patients per day. He sees 200 to 250 patients daily.

bald head and marwari loans

The beginning was not easy. He had to face serious challenges. Banks could not help him. He sought the help of Marwari loans. The World Seminar on Ayurveda etc. cut into his purse badly. He had a loan of Rs. 10 to 12 Lakhs on his shoulders. But he has not unnecessarily swindled the gullible public! He has not treated a single case of baldness as the system has no mention of any remedy from the beginning. He says he would be a very rich man if he decided to treat the baldness. Similarly, in spite of the lure of 3 to 4 companies, he has not prescribed ‘ChyavanPrasha’ to anybody. It is not his cup of tea to deceive the patient!

Developed 100 medicines

Many cases are handled independently by using the patented medicines of the centre. It has a small room for the research in the field. The collection of 3000 books and works help him make his own medicine ready. Talks are going on with a famous company for export of a research product. It is a record that an Ayurveda Doctor holds 100 patents.

He has many Doctors (of all systems!) on his list of patients! It is a wonder that a number of owners of large hospitals come here for treatment. Dr. Kaje believes and says, “Ayurveda suggests the remedy in following the food regimen strictly. According to me, our food system is the class room. Medication is the private tuition class. So, it is possible to get relief by strict adherence of food habits without the intervention of any Doctor. Expensive procedures like “PanchaKarma” shall be used only if necessary otherwise Ayurveda will be permanently labeled as Costly.”

second life

Surely, this is his second life as he has miraculously escaped from a car accident. He has decided to dedicate his second life to Ayurveda. His dream is to have a large hospital with 21 branches. He still feels popularization is necessary.

professional secrets

The book which suggests the adaptation of Ayurvedic principles to one’s life has already seen the 3rd edition. His programs in many channels are popular. He has the flair for working from his student life. He was publishing a monthly called ‘Ayurveda’ for some time. Other achievements are a Website, Cassette, Ayurveda Utsava and Dashamana. All these are different experiments to the cause of Ayurveda.